Design and development of product,

for the standardization of fixed habitable cell, on Pick Up Mod. Toyota Hilux Cabin and a half


Easy assembly aluminum kit systems

for solar panel installations


Design of parts

for chassis in competition cars


Chair design and development


Hardware design | Hidden hinge system

for furniture. Material: AISI-316 stainless steel.


Design and development of products

for cancer treatments and radiotherapy


Air grille design

for front sports car, made by 3D printing


Design of machinery

for CNC cutting of materials

Industrial and product design to improve people's lives

V76 Product designer was born from the concern of Vicente Ferrer, who has more than 20 years of experience as an industrial designer, planner and manager of technical departments in manufacturing companies. His passion is to create solutions that improve people’s lives on a day-to-day basis and this is constantly shown in his projects.

For industrial and product design, we always transmit willingness and enthusiasm for new challenges because we like to explore innovative solutions and face each project with creativity and dedication, constantly seeking to exceed expectations.

We are ready to collaborate on any type of project, whether it is for the development of consumer products, furniture design, electronic equipment or any other field that requires a fresh and original approach. Our goal is to find functional and aesthetically attractive solutions that adapt to the needs of people.

Personalized attention

Always looking for the best solution to customer needs.

Faithful fulfillment of the commitment

Designing a product or products with a differential value in terms of final finish and manufacturing quality.
Always in search of excellence.

Clients trust us

We demonstrate a clear commitment to making each product a better experience thanks to ergonomic improvements, the design of elements and parts or accessories for sectors such as campervans, automotive or machinery.

Our designs of its fixed cell on 4×4 off-road for extreme adventure trips or camper vans, of offices with chairs and tables, of elements for the home or of parts, structures and containers provide the user with a more pleasant experience and promote comfort and work efficiency.

We have designed many different products:

  • Fixed cells on Toyota Hilux 4×4 pick-up for expedition trips and extreme adventure.

  • Hidden hinges and closing system for furniture.

  • Structure, easy assembly kit for photovoltaic solar installations.

    Interior railing system.

  • Easy assembly furniture to camperize vans.

  • Oil retention buckets in transformation equipment, photovoltaic solar farm.

  • Machine for CNC cutting of materials.

  • Large flower pots for hotel spaces.

  • Design, reverse engineering in automotive parts.

  • Custom metal carpentry, in aluminum.

  • Special tramex structures in galvanized steel.

  • Furniture: Table, bench, chair.

  • Counterbalanced structure for photovoltaic solar installation.

  • Aesthetic, ergonomic and anthropometric design of a product for cancer treatment and radiotherapy.

  • Design, reverse engineering of parts in bottling machinery.

  • Folded sheet metal supports for portable heating system.

    Torsion subframe, reinforced floor, exoskeleton and habitable cell for FUSO 4×4 truck.

  • Corten steel wall sculpture, “FLYING SEAGULLS”.

  • Design for additive manufacturing, 3D printing; for cosmetic brand.

  • Custom steel carpentry, interior separation partitions for hospitals.

  • Product design and development, 3D modeling and infographics to include in patent documentation. Bicycle saddle, ergonomic and anti-prostatic.

  • Custom steel carpentry, in architecture and interior design projects.

  • Separation partitions for prevention against covid-19.

  • Merchandising.

  • Steel bunk.

  • “MODUL” bench.

  • Kitchen – Rocket type barbecue.

  • Architectural cladding for buildings in folded and thermo-lacquered sheet metal.

  • Furniture for hotel space.

If you are looking for an industrial designer committed to excellence, do not hesitate to contact us. Together I will create a better and more functional future