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Throughout our career we have had the privilege of working with renowned companies that have trusted our skills and creative vision. We have been absorbing experiences and knowledge in the processes of manufacturing materials and we can solve from the simplest product to the most complex, always providing a differential value marked by aesthetic appearance, correct use, providing solutions in line with cost reduction. in manufacturing processes, for connecting with the public and for a clear and respectful commitment to the environment.

From home

V76-design has state-of-the-art software and equipment to take on time and form the design – industrial development of the product that is entrusted to us.

Customer facilities or trusted Suppliers

V76-design has the experience and trusted, top-level collaborators to control the correct manufacturing – quality of the finished product.

Our experience working as an industrial designer, planner or manager of technical departments means that we can offer full and adapted services.

Freelance work, remote, face-to-face or both?

We form a team according to objectives, deadlines and the size of the project.

Industrial design:

  • Design of new products

  • Product redesign

  • 3D modeling

  • 3D print

  • Product Infographic – Renderings

  • Render 360°

  • 3D PDF

  • Plans for manufacturing
    (pdf, dwg, dxf)

  • STEP solid files

Technical office:

  • Parts design

  • Reverse engineering – Scanner

  • 3D model from 2D plans

  • Assembly diagrams

  • Technical sheets

  • Measurements for building designs

  • Cost control

  • Turnkey finished product

  • Production control

  • Delineation

  • Conceptual design for patent registration

If you are looking for an industrial designer committed to excellence, do not hesitate to contact us. Together I will create a better and more functional future